Birkman Method

Birkman Method Vancouver

The Birkman Method® is a personal and team assessment that consists of a series of related report sets that facilitate team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career counseling and interpersonal conflict resolution. The Birkman Method® combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation into one single powerful assessment.  This multi-dimensional and comprehensive approach reduces the need for multiple assessments and ultimately brings tremendous value to clients. The Birkman process involves a questionnaire that is delivered on-line and a customized interpretation of the results with you or within your organization.


Delving Deeper

Through a combination of regression and factor analysis, The Birkman Method® identifies the respondent’s everyday interpersonal style (usual behavior), and unlike most other popular assessments, gives unique insights into underlying motivations and needs. Stress behaviors are identified when these needs are not met. Knowing the underlying motivations and the consequences of unmet needs gives the client an effective way to improve workplace performance and reduce conflict.

In brief, The Birkman Method® includes the five following major perspectives:

1. Usual Behavior – an individual’s effective behavioral style of dealing with relationships and tasks.
2. Underlying Needs – an individual’s expectations of how relationships and social situations should be governed in context of the relationship or situation.
3. Stress Behaviors – an individual’s ineffective style of dealing with relationships or tasks; behavior observed when underlying needs are not met.
4. Interests – an individual’s expressed preference for job titles based on the assumption of equal economic rewards.
5. Organizational Focus – the perspective in which an individual views problems and solutions relating to organizational goals.

The Birkman will not only grow your understanding of your unique strengths and talents, it will also help your team grow in more effective communication, increase engagement and build stronger working relationships.  To this end, you will see your organization grow into a culture of high engagement that exceeds its bottom line targets.  We can build that legacy.

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“Darrell has a natural instinct when it comes to listening into the real issues that prevent you and your organization from moving forward. Not only does he have the right tools that will help you and your organization get into tip-top shape, he will service your needs with integrity and passion. I heartily recommend his services to you without reservation.” 

– Dr. Paddy Ducklow – Psychologist

“Darrell is a master at facilitating communication. He helps groups of people  really understand the perspectives of others within the company to meet common goals. He keeps things on track while ensuring that you have all the resources (time and otherwise) that you need to accomplish your duties.  I can honestly say that Darrell is a huge asset to any team that he works with. He excels in making people work together at a higher level while accomplishing the company’s goals. I’d work with Darrell again without reservation.”   

– Adrian S – Chief Technical Architect

“Darrell did an amazing job helping me improve my performance at work and increasing my effectiveness and engagement with my team. He helped me realize that my engagement at work correlated with the way I interacted with my teammates. I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled at work, as well as in my personal life. He provides wise counsel and is one of my most trusted resources for professional and personal development. I highly recommend him as an organizational coach.” 

– D. Cheung, Project Controls



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