Business Advising

Consulting that provides leaders with the tools they need improve areas in their business that have to do with team and leadership development, systems and process improvement, and change management.

Strategic Planning and Operational Execution

Build organizational health and sustainability. Confidently steer your organization through necessary changes. Streamline your processes and gain a clearer vision of success. Successfully navigate change and execute growth strategies to reach your organization’s full potential.

Does your organization have a clear idea of where it is going? What need does your organization meet and how are you different? Is your organization keeping up in an environment of rapid change?

We bring many years of experience in various leadership roles to share with you and your team. We will not only help you create a plan but will will also ensure that the vision you set out to achieve as an organization is actionable and will provide support to overcome obstacles as you implement your plan.

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Team Building Workshops

Does everyone on the team know what success looks like and how you are going to achieve it? Does everyone on your team know their role and communicate effectively with one another? What’s the cost of not improving the relationships on your team?

Teams that communicate effectively, have a high degree of trust in one another, and have better working relationships to get more done. We deliver customized team building sessions designed specifically for YOU and your team.

First, we assess the team’s starting point and particular challenges. Team assessments give the group a shared language to get everyone on the same page about their strengths and weaknesses, working style, and/or emotional IQ. Next, we facilitate sessions that focus on how you do your work and ensures your team walks away with both insights and strategies to work together more effectively.

Become more effective together. Re-energize your team by focussing on the “how” of your work. Everyone can benefit from improving their communication skills and emotional intelligence.

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This assessment gives unique insights into your underlying motivations and needs. Stress behaviors are identified when these needs are not met. This provides an excellent framework for having effective team conversations about how teams work together and how to improve their working relationships.

The Birkman will not only increase your understanding of your unique strengths and talents, it will also help your team employ more effective communication strategies with one another, and increase their engagement and build stronger working relationships.  As a result, you will see your organization transform into a culture of high engagement that exceeds its bottom line targets. 


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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a competence that becomes increasingly crucial each time your career advances into higher levels of responsibility and influence. The most effective leaders have a deadly combination of highly competent technical skills AND a high degree of emotional intelligence.

The higher a person’s position, the more emotional intelligence matters — it is crucial for successful leadership. This assessment reveals your strengths and areas for improvement in the realm of Emotional Intelligence. It provides the starting point for a targeted approach to improving your communication skills, ability to empathize and read others, act as a change catalyst, and manage conflict effectively.

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Change Leadership

Evolution and change are critical to the success at any organization. Shift from a reactive approach to confidently initiating the changes your organization needs.

Are you feeling stuck because you know your organizations NEEDS to change, but are too daunted to take on the process? Do you feel alone in implementing a necessary change in yourorganization? Is your team struggling to operate cohesively after some significant personnel changes?

We can support you in identifying the strengths, dynamics and capacity of your team in order to drive your change leadership strategy. It is the human dynamics that determine whether change is successfully implemented or not. We will share with you practical tools to embrace this process and come up with concrete steps that will work for your team.

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Systems & Process Improvement

Streamline your team’s efforts by creating efficient processes. Avoid missed deadlines and dropped balls by investing in your processes.

What would be made possible if your team had more time on its hands? How would your day look if everyone on the team could confidently move forward with their work? How much time could you save as a leader if there was less oversight and an increase in customer satisfaction

Ensure you are steering clear of both risk and duplicating work by having us review your systems & processes. Get everyone on your team on the same page about their next steps and how to deliver consistently. Keep your team and clients happy by putting in place the structure you need to succeed.

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“The management for a formerly profitable division of the company was no longer with us and some of the staff was hostile because of this.  This happened shortly after the first loss in the company’s history (~$500k). What Darrell did in his role was nothing short of miraculous. Within the first year of working with him, he helped turn break-even into $1 million in profit.  Most importantly, he did this while turning a hostile environment back into one of the hallmarks of the company: a feeling of family. This resulted in an environment where employees perform better and stronger.”

– Sunny H – CEO

“Darrell was integral in creating our Strategic Plan providing his insights and much tangible work. He also assisted in developing the procedures and criteria for hiring our current Executive Director, and played an important role in advising on HR issues. Darrell is well organized, thoughtful and a very hard worker and an individual of good character.” 

– Terry B – Board Chair

“I had the pleasure of attending workshops that were led by Darrell Lim. Darrell was an excellent presenter and facilitator during both sessions. Even though he had a diverse group of stakeholders  in the sessions, he was able to make them relevant for everyone and ensured that all participants were engaged throughout the sessions.” 

– Neil V – Sales Director

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Executive Coaching Services

Alongside our Business Advising services, we also work closely with executives to take their leadership to the next level. If you are looking to follow your passion and achieve greater heights, then click here for a list of our Coaching Services.