Motivating Your Team

I’ve been going through a book on my looming stack of “To Read” books and have really loved what Daniel Pink writes about in his book Drive: Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

If you care to go through its wonderful 200 plus pages, you will be enlightened on what truly motivates people on your team. Pink builds on what other leadership guru’s like Peter Drucker and Jim Collins have written around creating cultures that are highly engaging and self-motivating.  The 3 factors that lead to better performance and job satisfaction and are:

  • Autonomy: Our desire to be self directed.
  • Mastery: The urge to get better at what you do
  • Purpose: The desire to be a part of something greater than yourself


I found a delightfully engaging summary on YouTube made by the guys at RSAnimate, which I hope will whet your appetite for more.

Check it out:


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