“Darrell has a natural instinct when it comes to listening into the real issues that prevent you and your organization from moving forward. Not only does he have the right tools that will help you and your organization get into tip-top shape, he will service your needs with integrity and passion. I heartily recommend his services to you without reservation.”

– Dr. Paddy Ducklow – Psychologist and Professor


“The management for a formerly profitable division of the company was no longer with us and some of the staff was hostile because of this. This happened shortly after the first loss in the company’s history (~$500k). What Darrell did in his role was nothing short of miraculous. Within the first year of working with him, he helped turn break-even into $1 million in profit. Most importantly, he did this while turning a hostile environment back into one of the hallmarks of the company: a feeling of family. This resulted in an environment where employees perform better and stronger.”

– Sunny H – CEO


“Darrell lives out integrity, This made it safe for me to be candid with him, as I worked through senior leadership challenges focused on change. His questions and perspectives challenged, but were offered in such a way that built up, and led to the exploration of alternatives. Darrell has a deep commitment to developing servant leadership skills that lead to results, both in his professional life and in his coaching.”

– Doug P – Executive Director


I had the pleasure of attending two workshops that were led by Darrell Lim. Darrell was an excellent presenter and facilitator during both sessions. Even though he had a diverse group of board members, staff and volunteers in the sessions, he was able to make them relevant for everyone and ensured that all participants were engaged throughout the sessions.

– Neil V – Director, Telus Communications


“I enlisted Darrell’s services as a coach and speaker for the UBC Internal Medicine wellness program. He delivered quality content on the topic of Emotional Intelligence and he was the highest rated speaker of the event. He is excellent at the services he offers and I highly recommend him as a workshop facilitator and business consultant.”

– Alycia H – University of British Columbia


“Darrell was integral in creating our Strategic Plan providing his insights and much tangible work. He also assisted in developing the procedures and criteria for hiring our current Executive Director, and played an important role in advising on HR issues. Darrell is well organized, thoughtful and a very hard worker and an individual of good character.”

– Terry B – Board Chair


Darrell has helped use what I used to think of as distractions to identify the real message and serve my customer’s needs. I developed a deeper commitment to the success of my business but also learned to have a lot of fun doing it. This was instrumental in helping me crush my budget goals by a whopping 150%!! Darrell listens to what I say and offers solutions. More importantly, he also cares about my personal success and pushes me to achieve my very best. I would not have had the success in the past 6 months without his help”

– Grant H – Business Owner


“A key strength that Darrell offers his clients is a collaborative approach. I enlisted Darrell’s help with gaining a clearer vision for my vocation through the use of the Birkman Method Assessment. He not only articulated what the results revealed in a manner that was personal and relevant, but also provided a space to discuss how certain behaviours affected my success in the workplace. Darrell asked provocative questions that led me to discover insights about myself that I wasn’t aware of before. Together as a team, we identified behaviours and communication styles that harness my strengths in the workplace. I am now more aware of my strengths as a leader, and how to utilize them best within my organization.”

– Deb H – Board Chair


I launched my business knowing that I would benefit from working with a business coach to help keep me focussed. I am fortunate to have found Darrell to work with. He has been crucial in providing deep insights into business decisions and championing me to achieve my highest potential. Recently, I’ve been awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition for being the Most Promising Sales Associate. This accolade was achieved in large part due to the work that I put into coaching with Darrell. My productivity has increased and results have grown by over 50% above target.

– Rick A – Realtor


“I’ve taken important steps towards starting and growing my business and my new clients are so thrilled with what I have to offer! It’s a mingle between exciting and fearful. I am so grateful for your support and gentle push! Thank you so much from a grateful heart.”

– Angela L – Business Owner


“Darrell did an amazing job helping me improve my performance at work and increasing my effectiveness and engagement with my team. I had originally come to him for career coaching, as I wasn’t sure about my path with my current organization. He helped me realize that my engagement at work correlated with the way I interacted with my teammates. I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled at work, as well as in my personal life. He provides wise counsel and is one of my most trusted resources for professional and personal development. I highly recommend him as a career and organizational coach.”

– D. Cheung – Project Controls


“Darrell’s coaching has made a big difference in my life and work. He asks powerful questions that help me get clear on what I need to do. If you are looking for a skilled coach who can help you up your game, talk to Darrell.”

Scott W – Director of Business Development


“Darrell is a master at facilitating communication. He helps groups of people to really understand the perspectives of others within the company to meet common goals. His exceptional detail-oriented and organized nature really shines throughout the course of a normal day while working with Darrell. He keeps things on track while ensuring that you have all the resources (time and otherwise) that you need to accomplish your duties. He is a huge proponent to personal and professional development, and I can honestly say that I learned a lot about communication, leadership, and even myself from him. I can honestly say that Darrell is a huge asset to any team that he works with. He excels in making people work together at a higher level while accomplishing the company’s goals. I’d work with Darrell again without reservation.”

– Adrian S – Chief Technical Architect


“I have learned a ton in the short time I have worked with Darrell. He has taught me great hiring practices, how to be a better manager myself, and great ways to tackle issues that come up day to day. I’ve worked for my company for 7 years and some of the best conversations I have had have been with Darrell. The impact he has had on this company in just 4 months has been huge.”

– Patrick S – Director of Marketing


“Darrell provided valuable insight in how to better manage my duties and team members. He takes the time to listen to his clients and provides useful ways of approaching problems. He has an excellent attitude toward finding the best solutions and has a knack for knowing the right questions to ask.”

– Emily H – Director of Finance